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> Honeycomb Ceramics?

    The HTAC technology (High Temperature Air Combustion) is a huge energy-saving and environmental efficacy of new combustion technology and it is also considered as a reliable, industry proven combustion method allowing emissions reduction, combustion process improvement, thermal field flattening and heat transfer increase in high temperature energy intensive applications.

   Honeycomb ceramic heat recovery media is a key component of regenerative burner, which is widely used in iron and steel, machinery, building materials, petrochemicals, nonferrous metal smelting and other industries, furnace, hot air furnace, heat treatment furnace, cracking furnace, baking, melting furnace, both in the hot furnace, oil and gas boilers, and furnaces. The technique is to make two ceramic media beds alternating endothermic exothermic by reversing device. Most common applications include: RTO, (RCO), metal casting combustor, metal melting industrial furnace, etc.

    Compared with other ceramic media which have conventionally been used in RTOs. The advantages of honeycomb monolith include a greater thermal efficiency and a lower pressure drop across the heat exchanger bed. The increase in thermal efficiency and lower pressure drop generally results in smaller equipment design, lower capital cost and lower operating cost. Honeycomb ceramic serves as a more efficient alternative for the following reasons: cutting fan load for significant energy saving (low pressure drop owing to straight channels), less volume, thin wall thickness, faster in thermal exchange. Lighter weight, so less structural support is required. Above all, High specific surface area means high conversion efficiency in converters occupying small volumes. All these benefit, especially larger specific surface area make honeycomb ceramic the better performance media across industries.

> Honeycomb Ceramic Monolith, Substrate, Baffle Bricks, Heat Storage Balls and Saddles

Compared with traditional combustion technology, our green, energy-saving high-temperature air combustion (HTAC) system can reduce fuel intake between 20%- 50%. Productivity is also improved as oxidation burning less is reduced by 20% and NOx emission is decreased by over 40%. The honeycomb ceramic regenerator has the following advantages: high heat exchange per unit volume, quick heat transfer, small airflow resistance, small heat penetration depth and high thermal efficiency. 

Our electrocast chrome corundum is synthesized at over 2000 °C, producing high quality honeycomb ceramic regenerators, baffle bricks and heat storage balls. This allows the advantages of high refractoriness under load, slag and shock resistance and quick heat transfer to take place. These products also have the ability for good anti-scouring, heavy volume weight and large heat capacity.

Our technology also addresses common problems such as blocking, melting, slagging, cracking or stripping which translates into a longer service life. In addition, our catalytic combustion occurs between the added catalyst and the CO and HC compounds at 600C which further improves the recovery of waste heat and reduces the emission of polluted gas.

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